Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jem Fur Dress

Jem Fur Dress 2 Jem Fur Dress

Jem Fur Dress is no longer available.


  1. Truly Outrageous Job! How do i get these fashions you have made, bummer that I just found this site... U look like made these a true labor of love as well as making Jemfan's like myself drooling for more... Thanks from all of us out there.

  2. You are very talented! Great to see all this unproduced fashions! There are so many cool clothes in the show and yet you wonder why Hasbro still had to invent some extra (in my opinion) horrible fashions (like a couple of Rio's fashions or the second year Holograms) I have a suggestion for you. Have you ever made the Roxy fashion "RX-44"? It's the brown outfit with two different legs of trousers that she wears quite a lot from "Glitter and Gold" on. Cheers, Nabil